ON7 floorball team – Briefly In English

ON7 (or Old Number Seven as the original name goes) is a Finnish floorball team that currently plays the 4th division in Finland. We have 7 (1+6) official divisions in Finland and over 2000 teams. 2011-2012 was our first official season in the Finnish Floorball Association’s (SSBL) leagues – even thought the team was actually formed already in 2008 by Ville Hautala and Niko Ailamo.

We wanted to have an ”In English” section in our website because we have and will be attending international tournaments as much as we can. Actually the decision to make On7 an official floorball organization happened one year in Malaga Spain where many of our players attended the Costa Del Sol Floorball Tournament. It’s always a great pleasure to combine sports and holidays. That way we get to meet local people and maybe have a drink or two with them. And maybe play a little floorball as well. We’ve never really had any huge success result-wise (neither in Finland or Internationally) but the main goal has been and will always be to have fun meanwhile developing as players.

Previous international tournaments we have visited are Amsterdamned 2012 and Czech Open 2013Unihoc Riga Cup 2014, Costa del Sol Floorball Tournament (2015) and Amsterdamned 2017. We also made a trip to Ljubljana Open (2016), which was unfortunately cancelled but we still enjoyed to city!.

If you have any questions about our team or whatever please don’t hesitate to contact:


  • niko.ailamo @ gmail.com



  • ville.htl @ gmail.com

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